Top 7 Tips for Producing Videos for Your Business



Ready to make a video for you or your company? Producing video content is a great way to accomplish your marketing goals, but lets take one step back before you get started to really take a deep dive into what you want to accomplish. Let’s go over my Top 7 Helpful Tips to think about before you hit record.  


TIP 1: Define your Goals

First let’s write down what your goals are. You should set reasonable goals for your video. This will really help you decide what content is best to create. Are you trying to gain views, grow your youtube channel subscribers, direct people to your website, sell a product? All of these goals will have a different strategy when producing video content.


TIP 2: Define your Target Audience

If you don’t know your target audience you cant possibly make a video for them to watch that will keep them engaged. If your audience is corporate business people than creating a Vlog for your business will likely be ineffective. Before you start your video production process it is paramount that you determine what your audience will enjoy watching.


TIP 3: Provide your Video Producer reference videos

Having reference videos is a fantastic way to make sure you and your video producer are on the same page when creating a vision. This will save a lot of time and headache when you get your first cut back and it is nothing like you imagined. Sometimes you might even have to scrap the whole project. Which could cost thousands. At the very least, always provide references of successful videos that are similar to the creative style you want to produce for your company. 


TIP 4: Provide VALUE in your Video content

This by far is the biggest mistake companies make when producing content for their business. It is very simple, people don’t go on social media to watch commercials. So if you are trying to sell your product or services on social, stop selling and instead provide VALUE with your content. There is a time and a place for commercial videos, but if you want to consistently grow your youtube, Facebook, or Instagram channels, stop selling. Instead offer valuable tips and information centered around your companies mission. For Example, if your company is a auto repair shop, offer videos that help people maintain their vehicles in between tune ups. The key is to offer your customers so much free value that they perceive you and your company as a leader in that space. 


TIP 5: Batch Videos

Batching Videos is the most cost effective and time efficient way to create videos for your company.  This tip is for people trying to film multiple videos that they can distribute regularly, but may not be right for every video production. Batching videos is the process of filming multiple videos in one day in order to save time and money when producing videos. When you film 12 videos in one day you can release 1 video per week for 3 months by just structuring your filming into one day. This step is key to really helping you stay consistent with your channels and stay in budget. 



This tip is so critical to your goals and so many companies forget to address this at the end of their videos. Make sure you direct viewers to your goal at the very end of the video. From pointing them to your website to making sure they subscribe, always have a call to action at the end of your video to ensure your viewers take action. 



TIP 7: Create Distribution Plan

What good is your video if nobody sees it. The fact is even though it distribution for your companies videos is easier than ever it still is a challenge for your videos to be seen. This is way having a distribution plan ahead of time is key to the success of your goals. You need to figure out what platforms work best for your videos and company. Having a advertising budget is a great way to escalate the amount of people who can engage with your video. Depending on your marketing goals, always have a plan of action when it comes to the distribution of your content.

Thanks so much for reading my Top 7 helpful Video Production Tips. I hope you found this information helpful. If you would like to discuss your project(s) in more detail pleasecontact me at the following to learn more about Meister Visual Production and how I can help produce your next project.

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